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My thoughts on P-22. It's a sad day for an LA Icon.

The recent behavior of P-22, the mountain lion who calls the Hollywood Hills home, has been cause for concern among conservationists and animal lovers alike.

P-22, who was famously featured on the cover of National Geographic in 2013, has been struggling to survive in the urban environment of Los Angeles. The lack of natural prey and the constant threat of being hit by a car have taken a toll on the once-majestic animal.

Recently, P-22 was spotted in a residential backyard, clearly sick and emaciated. This has raised alarm among those who have been following his story, as it is a clear sign that he is struggling to survive.

At Hollywood Hikes, we are deeply saddened by the recent turn of events for P-22. We have been offering guided walking tours through the Hollywood Hills for years, and have always made a point to educate our visitors about the importance of coexisting with urban wildlife.

As conservationists and animal lovers, we are committed to doing our part to help P-22 and other urban wildlife. We believe that with the right support and education, we can create a future where animals like P-22 can thrive in the urban environment.

If you are passionate about conservation and want to support P-22 and other urban wildlife, we encourage you to join us on one of our guided walking tours. Together, we can help create a brighter future for animals like P-22.

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